Vitiligo Causes

Vitiligo is the onset of the disease area without any restrictions, so parents know the children's face vitiligo how should treat? For children's facial vitiligo treatment, should adopt different treatments according to different situations. Experts tell us is the treatment of vitiligo, in patients with age, course of the disease, disease stage and types by different treatments, for the treatment of vitiligo treatment is long, generally is a course of three months, so the treatment of vitiligo in children face more attention should be paid to various side effects of drugs, oral medications should pay attention to children's growth and development will have influence, should avoid to use excessive stimulation sex for external use drugs. In addition, facial vitiligo in children,except for treatment according to the disease, also need to according to different symptoms. Facial vitiligo symptoms sometimes is just limited to several parts, such as if a child leukoplakia confined to tempor


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