The Etiology of Adolescent Patients with Vitiligo

Date:2020-06-12 Hit:103

In recent years, the increasing incidence of vitiligo, the disease for worldwide dermatologist, according to the statistics, the incidence between 0.5% ~ 0.5% in our country, some tens of millions of patients. In this group, young students gradually become a high-risk patient population, especially in the tests, the entrance examination, postgraduate exam, such as mental stress, the influence of the causes of vitiligo and so on various aspects pressure, relatively high incidence of a disease. Although vitiligo anodyne, but because of the influence is beautiful, is extremely difficult to cure, treatment cycle is long, give patients have long-term mental burden, will affect their studies and career. At present, because of vitiligo illness caused by the young students social problems, such as autistic depression, abandon, suicide, etc.) also gradually increasing. Therefore, to strengthen students' psychological education, prevention and nursing of vitiligo patients group, has become an urgent task.


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