Why does the age of vitiligo onset show a trend of younger age?

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With the development of society and the progress of the times, peoples lives are getting better and better, but with the acceleration of the pace of life, the pressure of survival and competition has increased, peoples physical and mental health conditions have not been effectively improved, and many diseases have become younger trend. Vitiligo is just such a typical disease. It was found in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital that the proportion of children and adolescents with vitiligo is increasing year by year, and the age of onset of vitiligo is getting younger and younger. So, why does the incidence of child vitiligo increase year by year? Below, we interviewed experts from the hospital to find out.

  1. Studying pressure is the main cause

Children seem carefree, but due to the influence of our countrys test-oriented education system, their learning pressure is increasing. Not only do they have to deal with busy homework in school, but many parents have to enroll in various tutoring classes for their children to have a better grade, so that their children will fall into a high-pressure learning environment. For children, this kind of high pressure and the increase of various depressive emotions will seriously affect the children's physical and mental health, which is also one of the main causes of vitiligo in children and adolescents.

  2. Insufficient rest reduces immunity

Under various high-pressure environments, childrens physical and mental stress will increase and their emotions will become more impetuous. Coupled with insufficient rest time and low quality of rest, childrens health will be threatened. Frequent staying up late, insomnia, and more dreams will not only cause the child's physical fitness to continue to decline, but also lack of physical barrier protection against the emergence of diseases, and the immunity will be reduced linearly, which can easily induce diseases, resulting in a lower age of onset of vitiligo. .

 3. Picky diet and lack of nutrition

Children are more picky in their diet, and home-cooked meals cannot satisfy their appetite. Most of them like to eat a variety of small snacks, such as instant noodles, ham, puffed food, carbonated drinks, etc. The consumption of these junk foods will not only cause the lack of nutrients needed by the human body, but also cause certain harm to the human intestines and stomach. Over time, anorexia will also become a habit, with declining physical fitness, weight loss, and disease invasion. Follow along.

4, insufficient exercise affects development

According to experts, a strong body is also an important factor in effectively resisting diseases. During puberty, the child's body hormone secretion changes greatly, and the metabolic capacity increases. However, most children currently lack exercise and exercise, which affects their physical fitness and metabolism. Poor physical development is also prone to large mood swings, which can induce vitiligo. If children want to reduce the chance of getting sick, they must strengthen their physical exercises, improve their immunity, maintain a calm mind, and prevent the occurrence of vitiligo.

        Finally, experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital suggest: For patients with vitiligo at a young age, parents should provide effective psychological care and guidance to their children during the treatment of vitiligo, so that children can realize that vitiligo is treatable and maintain a positive attitude. Give care, comfort and guidance to children and patients, encourage patients to relieve their psychological burden, adjust their children's mentality, and achieve early recovery.

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