What Kind of Food Should Vitiligo Patient Avoid

Date:2020-06-12 Hit:914

 There are a few instructions for patients regarding their diet in vitiligo especially about what they should avoid. Following are some of our observations based on our clinical experience of treating a large number of patients (clinical observations):

What kind of food should vitiligo patient avoid? Foods that are excessively sour should be avoided. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is known to inhibit the production of the melanin, the color pigment. Patients with vitiligo are suggested to refrain from citrus fruits, sour yogurt, sour pickles, etc.

What kind of food should vitiligo patient avoid?Non-vegetarian food are better avoided, as much as possible, as they act as a foreign body to pigment cells.

It has been observed that industrial chemicals (such as mercury) could enter our body through sea food, especially fish; which better be avoided.

We have observed at Life Force certain fish leading to sudden aggravation of vitiligo in some patients.

Artificial colors used in various food preparations may better be reduced or avoided as far as possible

There may not be enough scientific evidence to prove how these foods worsen leucoderma (vitiligo) but our clinical experience has shown that many patients report worsening of their vitiligo from these items and hence they are better avoided.

The experts from Huahai vitiligo hospital is of the opinion that since the process of melanin formation calls for physiological pH, in the process where tyrosinase converts tyrosine to dihydroxy phenylalanine (DOPA) and then to dopaquinone, intake of sour food may work adversely, hence hampering the process of melanogenesis.

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