Why It Is Difficult to Cure Vitiligo?

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 Vitiligo is a kind of common disease, the disease is a kind of skin pigment,affect beautiful, are all ages occur, give us life caused a great impact. So, why is it difficult to be cured?

     Vitiligo is a long course of chronic skin disease, for the performance of the local disfiguring skin, influence hairdressing, easy diagnosis but difficult treatment. Many reasons can lead to vitiligo difficult to be cured, such as not standard treatment, drug abuse, diagnosis is not seasonable, diet is not standard, etc., will affect the vitiligo illness recovery. The following is a common influence with vitiligo reason:

1, drug abuse

Drug abuse is common in patients with vitiligo. A lot of patients is not under the guidance of experts drug, but see manual use, regardless of type, regardless of reason as long as is the treatment of the disease vitiligo all drugs, some patients is sick disorderly, hold try psychology to treatment, and lead to misdiagnosis.

2, don't seek expert diagnosis, not treated

Huahai vitiligo hospital experts say vitiligo is difficult to cure, because generally vitiligo patients with vitiligo treatment not diagnosed, regardless of type, don't find cause blind treatment, only know that she has vitiligo disease see drug use, resulting in many patients with long-term use and cannot be cured, some patients appeared invalid, drug resistance, large areas of expansion and drug allergy, etc. Bad reaction, lost the best treatment time.

   3, not for the treatment of system

Huahai vitiligo hospital doctor said, not for the treatment of vitiligo system it is difficult to cure the most important reason. A lot of patients after illness not find experts system treatment, but is everywhere disorderly to even find some quack, folk prescription, informal drug and so on, with a drug is invalid and in a drug, continuous treatment, lead to misdiagnosis, the crisis.

4, do not pay attention to diet

For the treatment of vitiligo patients to avoid vitamin C, for food rich in vitamin C as an orange, grape, hawthorn, kiwi fruit and so on, should try to eat less or don't eat, daily life also show that overly acidic or spicy food can also affect the disease and treatment effect, which is unfavorable to the therapeutic effect of vitiligo. Usually eat more a few contain tyrosine and minerals food, meat, rabbit, pig, lean lean, animal liver, eggs, milk, food (turnip, eggplant, bamboo shoots, edible fungus, kelp, etc.), beans, peanuts, sesame seed, walnut and other food.

For vitiligo this stubborn disease, we should choose regular specialized subject hospital, choose the method that suits oneself treatment, do not blindly in using drugs, diet reasonable collocation, adjust good mentality, avoid any mental stress and emotional instability, it is in the treatment of vitiligo illness effect will have certain effect.

The above is to "with vitiligo is caused by what reason" introduction, huahai vitiligo hospital expert advice vitiligo patients should pay attention to the details of life, strengthen exercise, improve body immunity, promote the recovery of the disease.

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