What Factors Lead to Vitiligo More Seriously?

Date:2020-06-12 Hit:111

Vitiligo is mainly local white spot as the main features, and the part no specific limits, can appear in patients with any part of the body, especially when sick parts in the face, this will give patients body caused very big blow, so in daily life what factors lead to vitiligo more seroious? Here is for everyone to introduce.

   Daily life lead to vitiligo illness aggravating factor basically has the following kinds, the first is the abuse of drugs caused. Such as the abuse of hormone. Hormone therapy on the influence of vitiligo patients believe that many are very clear, timely and appropriate amount of use hormone is to control the effect of the illness, but the degree is difficult to grasp, many years of practicing doctors can not accurately, so in the use of hormone very carefully. Abuse hormone a is used for a long time, another aspect is the big use. Abuse hormone result in a patient illness example countless, the patient must take warning.

   In addition to drug abuse, the occurrence of injury outside also can make vitiligo illness. Injury happened in vitiligo development period, is a vitiligo isomorphous reaction is one of the main reasons why. Trauma to the T lymphocyte immune function is impaired, this should be one of the mechanism of its action. Vitiligo aggravating cause and treatment and nursing are inseparable, patients should to normal skin disease hospital treatment, according to the doctor's charge, serious daily health care the only way to prevent illness, will soon be restored to health.

   Above is about lead to vitiligo illness aggravating factor introduction, believe that all of these factors are more understand. So in order to avoid vitiligo illness aggravating, in addition to master vitiligo sense beyond, still should overcome the above introduction of adverse factors.

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