How to Treat Vitiligo in Early of The Disease?

Date:2020-06-12 Hit:909

Has been well received by people with vitiligo with a disease, either physically or mentally, then early vitiligo have what symptom? What treatment?

The incipient stage for vitiligo patients with early treatment, the general treatment is easier, the treatment effect is good. Early diagnosis and early treatment is an important principle of the disease vitiligo, but vitiligo incipient stage symptoms and other similar skin, need careful discrimination.

Incipient 1 ~ 2 months of white spot, often after half a month to 2 months can disappear completely. This is because the incipient blaze mainly for the incompleteness of vitiligo, namely white spot sex skin range has not completely damaged melanin cells, the early treatment, vitiligo skin base layer the melanin cells can repair, split proliferation and secretion of melanin, and through the branches quilted delivery to the epidermis layer, to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. At the same time white spot incipient stage general area is lesser, surrounding normal skin melanin cells can to white spot area migration, help white spot repair, shorten the period of treatment.

More than 1 year in patients with vitiligo treatment will be extended accordingly, the course of several years or even decades, due to the white spot inside melanin cells completely destroyed, skin area is larger, the treatment is quite difficult.

The above is for "early vitiligo what treatment principle" introduction, Huahai Vitiligo Hospital expert advice vitiligo patients should pay attention to the details of life, strengthen exercise, improve body immunity, promote the recovery of the disease.

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