Is white spot vitiligo?

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Suffering from vitiligo, the appearance of white spots is the basic symptom of vitiligo. In fact, having white spots on the body is not necessarily vitiligo. There are other symptoms of vitiligo. Patients with vitiligo must know whether the white spots are vitiligo or not, so that they can get symptomatic treatment. So, is vitiligo in the end? Now we invite experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital to give a specific introduction.

1. Vitiligo symptoms

Vitiligo is nearly round, oval or irregular, and can be enlarged or merged into large irregular flakes, with different shapes. There will be a darkened pigment band around the white spots and an island-like pigment spot in the center of the white spots. Another typical symptom is that vitiligo is distributed along the nerve into strips of pigmented spots with neat edges like a knife.

Second, the law ofvitiligo

There is no age limit for the onset of vitiligo, and most of them are clinically affected by children and adolescents. Regardless of the age, vitiligo should be paid attention to, because vitiligo may occur at any age. Vitiligo is extremely harmful and must be treated in time.

Third, white spot skin feeling

The cause of vitiligo is the loss of melanin in the skin, so the patient's white spots does not have any special feeling. Like normal skin, it is neither painful nor itchy, nor shed, and there is no skin atrophy.

Is white spot vitiligo in the end? Through the introduction of experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, I believe everyone has some understanding of this issue. Vitiligo is extremely harmful to the patient. If the patient finds the above symptoms on the skin, don't delay, go to a regular and professional hospital for treatment of vitiligo in time to cure the vitiligo in time.

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