8 years of vitiligo is cured in 2 course of treatment

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>> The successive blows left the 14-year-old boy in despair

Niu Chuanming, 14 years old, is in the sixth grade of primary school, and lives in Banhu Village, Beizhuang Town, Shanting District, Zaozhuang City. Eight years ago, Niu Chuanming’s father was accidentally electrocuted while working on the construction site. Shortly afterwards, Niu Chuanming was also found to have vitiligo, and the successive blows kept the child from accepting the cruel reality.

Niu Chuanming's mother, Zhao Zuoxia, said that after her husband's death, family conditions have been poor. Later, in order to treat his son, he has already been ruined. Zhao Zuoxia is 41 years old this year. In order to maintain the family and see her son, she had to work as a small worker in the local construction team. However, her meager income did not look down on her son at all. In desperation, Niu Chuanming asked his mother for help in the "Life Gang" column, hoping to find a professional vitiligo hospital through the media to treat Niu Chuanming.

>> Ask for help from Life Help Vitiligo boy moved Qilu

On June 1st Children's Day in 2012, reporters from the "Life Gang" column came to their home to conduct interviews after learning about Niu Chuanming's situation. The house of Niu Chuanming's family is very broken, and there are even walls with no windows. When I walked into the room, the lights were dim, and there was no decent furniture. However, in the face of difficult families, Xiao Chuanming was very filial. On the day of the interview, which happened to be his mother's 41st birthday, he gave his mother a hair-headed flower. Niu Chuanming's greatest wish is to allow his loving mother to live in a good house, which deeply moved the reporter. Subsequently, "Living Group" sent a message to the society for help: "We also hope that medical institutions and experts in the treatment of vitiligo can help them."

>>Huahai Qianli Rescue Love makes this family's misfortune stop

After seeing the report of Life Gang, Cheng Aihua, the dean of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, was deeply moved by Niu Chuanming and his mother, and immediately contacted the column group of Life Gang, expressing his willingness to give rescue treatment to Niu Chuanming until Its rehabilitation. Considering the special circumstances of Niu Chuanming's family, Cheng Aihua specially arranged an expert team to drive thousands of miles to the home of Niu Chuanming in Zaozhuang, and conducted preliminary diagnosis and treatment for him. treatment.

When she came to the hospital, Dean Cheng personally diagnosed and treated Niu Chuanming. She pointed out that Niu Chuanming's vitiligo is stubborn and difficult to treat, but she promised that she must have confidence in curing Niu Chuanming's disease. In consideration of Niu Chuanming's family poverty and difficulties in school, Cheng Aihua has also made arrangements: "I will form a support pair with him and support him throughout his studies and life, until he becomes a pillar." In addition to Niu Chuanming's living expenses of 3,000 yuan, he also bought new clothes for the mother and son. Thinking of her future life, Zhao Zuoxia was crying again, but this time she shed tears of joy, thanking her mother and son kneeling down together to thank Director Cheng.

>>>The vitiligo boy's disease is cured

After being hospitalized, Xiao Chuanming was carefully taken care of by the medical staff of the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. The hospital formed an expert team to conduct a detailed examination and consultation on Niu Chuanming, and determined a personalized treatment plan. Dean Cheng said that Niu Chuanming's white spots were on the side of the face. Very stubborn type, but the hospital has the ability to cure him in about two courses.

The hospital's meticulous treatment and meticulous kindness warmed Zhao Chuanxia's mother and son's cold heart, and Xiao Chuanming's hope of recovery ignited in Huahai. From hospitalization to the present, Niu Chuanming's condition has completely recovered, and the recovery is better than expected. In terms of psychology, after the hospital’s psychological care, Niu Chuanming also opened a closed heart, and his physiological age returned to normal from 21 years old before treatment. Because of the doctor's constant guidance, Niu Chuanming was a lot brighter, and his smile was always on his face.

>>Help children realize their mother's dream of living in a new house

At this time, good news came again from Xiao Chuanming's hometown. Huahai's kindness moved the society. During Xiao Chuanming's hospitalization, the first secretary of the province in the village, Kong Qi, and the village party branch and village committee members rushed to the hospital twice to visit , Sent condolences and condolences. In order to help Niu Chuanming realize his mother's dream of a good house, the local government and Huahai Vitiligo Hospital jointly funded four large and bright large tiled houses for Niu Chuanming's family. This loving relay activity led by the Aixin Hospital is moving and continuing. Niu Chuanming's family is also out of the predicament and started a happy and beautiful life.

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