The 7 -year -old boy suffers from vitiligo, and the family is poverty due to vitiligo treatment

Date:2023-02-28 Hit:396

Hello everyone, I am a dermatologist Wang Jiangmei. Although vitiligo is a common skin disease, most patients seek medical treatment everywhere. They always cannot find effective treatment methods. They eventually lose their confidence and courage to treat, and spend a lot of money.

The 7 -year -old Yang Yang appeared in many white spots in the back of the chest in early 2017. He diagnosed vitiligo at the local hospital for three months. He did not control the development of the disease. His parents took him to Beijing for treatment. In the case, the white spots have continued to spread. The expensive treatment costs for several months have made the family liabilities exhausting, and the treatment is forced to stop the treatment.

In early 2018, Yang Yang's mother heard that his colleagues' relatives cured the vitiligo that we had cured in Huahai, so he took the child to come to treat it. We made a comprehensive test of Chinese medicine for Yang Yang, formulated a personalized plan, considering the dilemma of his family, and giving certain love assistance. In just two courses, Yang Yang's white spots were restored to normal skin tone. Pay attention to me and learn more cases of vitiligo.

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